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5 Piece Shrimp Cocktail $7.99

Battered Mushrooms                                                                    batter-dipped and served with our zesty horseradish sauce $5.99

Battered Mushrooms

Mozzarella Sticks                                                                      battered and deep-fried sticks of cheese, served with spaghetti sauce $5.99

Small Tower of Rings

Tower of Rings
cut fresh and batter dipped
Large (serves 4+) $7.50
Small (serves 1-4) $5.50

French Onion Soup                                                                          Bowl $4.99 Cup $3.99

Jalapeno Ravioli                                                                            pasta packed with jalapenos, cream cheese and mozzarella cheese, fried $5.75

Chicken Gizzards                                                                         tenderly cooked just for you $4.99

Mini Tacos $5.99

Combo Platter

sampling of mozzarella sticks, mushrooms, ravioli and onion rings
Large (serves 4+) $10.99
Small (serves 1-4) $7.99

Cheese & Cracker Basket $1.00

All platters include one side item...$8.95                                          Choose an additional side for $1.99 each                                      Coleslaw, Applesauce or Cottage Cheese $0.99 each

Wings & Drummies                                    Corona Shrimp

21 pc. Shrimp                                              Scallops

Chicken Tenders                                         Clam Strips

2 pc. Beer-Battered Cod                                         

               The following entrees include your choice of side, 
                           a tossed salad, and dinner roll.

                                 Our Signature Selection
    Slow-roasted, in thick coating of coarse pepper, garlic and seasonings

Small (12oz) $15.99

Medium (16oz) $19.99

Large (24oz) $25.99

XX-Large (30oz or more) $31.99

Small Prime

New York Strip
this boneless strip steak is prepared just how you like it

8oz $17.99                                                                                    12oz $20.99                                                                                 16oz $23.99

a well-marbled cut of rib eye steak, prepared to your specifications

8oz $17.99                                                                                   12oz $20.99                                                                                  16oz $23.99

Filet Mignon
cut from the heart of the beef tenderloin, thick & grilled to melt in your mouth  (6oz) $20.99

_________________Prime & Seafood Combos____________________
Tender prime rib paired with . . .
                                  Small           Medium         Large
Clams or Perch             $19.99         $23.99          $29.99
Shrimp or Scallops        $21.99         $25.99          $31.99

8oz Ribeye, 8oz New York Strip, or 6 oz Filet Mignon with a choice of
Clams or Perch...$23.99           Shrimp or Scallops...$25.99

_________________Chicken & Seafood Combo_________________
2 grilled chicken breasts with your choice of
Clams or Perch...$18.99           Shrimp or Scallops...$20.99

Pickerel Filet

Walleye Filet                                                                                   fried or sauteed  $18.99

Clam Strips
A mound of breaded clam strips deep fried for a perfect flavor  $15.99

Seafood Combo                                                                            deep-fried combination platter of shrimp, scallops, perch & clams  $19.99

Orange Roughy                                                                               lightly breaded and sauteed $20.99

Broiled Scallops  
Gently grilled and served tender and golden  $20.99

Mild white fish served on a bed of long grain and wild rice
1 Filet  $12.99
2 Filets $15.99

9 Piece Broiled Shrimp 
Lightly seasoned with garlic butter  $19.99

Pacific Salmon
Lightly glazed with a delicate dill sauce
1 Piece
$9.99     2 Piece $12.99

Jumbo Fried Shrimp
Deep-Fried and Crispy 
6 Piece $19.99  3 Piece $15.99

Fried Chicken
Four pieces of crispy honey-battered goodness  $10.99

Wings & Drummies Platter

Liver & Onions                                                                                Two beef livers grilled and smothered in sauteed onions and topped off with bacon $11.99

Hamburger Steak                                                                           12 oz portion of flavorful beef $12.99

Char-Grilled Chicken
Two grilled chicken breasts seasoned with your choice of lemon pepper, Cajun, Montreal, or BBQ  $13.99
         One Grilled Breast $10.99

Colonel Seibel's Chicken
Two grilled chicken breasts basted with our own special dill sauce  $13.99

Smothered Chicken
Two grilled chicken breasts topped with cajun spices, sauteed mushrooms & onions, and mozzarella cheese. Served over a bed of rice  $16.99

Porterhouse Pork Chop
A thick juicy chop served with spiced applesauce  $14.99